About Us also promotes good manufacturing practices in the industry. This means that manufacturers have to comply with certain guidelines in order to produce safe Kratom products. It also protects consumers from inferior products that may contain harmful ingredients.'s GMP program requires that manufacturers meet strict quality and safety standards.
Since its formation in 2014, has been actively working to protect the rights of Kratom consumers in America. The Virginia-registered organization has been at the forefront of the fight to keep Kratom legal in the U.S., and is committed to boosting consumer confidence and ensuring donors' money is put to good use. In order to achieve this, adheres to board-adopted policies to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations. represents millions of Americans and promises to make their voices heard in government and the medical community. The organization is dedicated to promoting safe and legal Kratom use in the United States and abroad. It also supports new harvesting techniques and reforestation. In addition, has marked Kratom products as safe for human consumption. These include powdered, encapsulated, and crushed Kratom products.'s mission is to promote safe Kratom use by consumers and educating vendors. has been a leading advocate for Kratom consumers and works to spread its use to other parts of the world. Its website is updated regularly to provide updated information on the latest research and findings related to Kratom. supports the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, which has been implemented at the state level in the USA.
The organization is dedicated to educating consumers and legislators about the health benefits of Kratom. Many Americans have used Kratom as an alternative to illicit drugs, and supports their efforts. The organization also works with law enforcement to keep contaminated Kratom off the market. Despite the many difficulties has faced, its efforts have won the support of Kratom enthusiasts.'s website helps clarify common misconceptions about Kratom and its effects. The website includes a science section, a forum community, and information on the latest findings regarding the medicinal properties of the plant. also provides safety information on Kratom and warns against the illegal export of hazardous Kratom.